An Evening with S. Brian Willson Book Tour Podcast

On Monday November 7, 2011, S. Brian Willson spoke at Steelworkers Hall in Toronto, Ontario, promoting his new book Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian Wilson (PM Press, 2011). Willson was the main guest speaker at the War Resisters Support Campaign’s quarterly fundraiser to help cover the legal and support costs for American war resisters from the “war on terror” who fled to Canada from 2004 to the present. Willson’s publisher, PM Press, graciously donated all proceeds from book sales at the event to the War Resisters Support Campaign.

Willson spoke about his experiences in Vietnam as a commander of the United States Air Force (USAF) 823rd combat security police unit dispatched in 1969 to the tiny Binh Thuy Air Base in the Mekong Delta (the most heavily bombed region of South Vietnam). He also spoke about his own personal journey that led him from being a “Commie-hating, baseball-loving Baptist” to a life-long commitment to antiwar activism. In September 1987, Willson lost both of his legs while trying to block a shipment of 500 pound bombs, phosphorous, and other munitions to Nicaragua during the Reagan administration’s dirty wars in Latin America.


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Willson with war resisters from Vietnam to the "war on terror"

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: War Resisters in North America

A gathering that will address issues of war and peace from the vantage point of those who are struggling against militarism in North America.This conference will feature veterans, war resisters, activists, academics, labour organizers, and lawyers.

Where: Steelworkers Hall (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
When: 23-24 September 2011
COST: $2.00 – $10.00 or Pay What You Can (PWYC)
Larger donations also accepted. Any money leftover will be donated to the War Resisters Support Campaign to help pay for ongoing legal costs.
Open to the Public, No Registration Required.

Facebook Page:

Download Poster:

Endorsed by:

Historians Against the War
War Resisters Support Campaign
Canadian Peace Alliance
Afghans for Peace
The Canadian Auto Workers
United Steelworkers Toronto Area Council
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
No One IS Illegal – Toronto
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Canada
Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)                                                                   Conscience Canada                                                                                                               Amnesty International – Canada                                                                                                     Military Families Speak Out

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